Thursday, May 28, 2015

Academic Teams

Hamilton Junior High School 2014 Academic Teams:

2014 01 JH English Team   2014 02 JH Math Team

2014 03 JH Science Team  2014 04 JH Social Studies

Hamilton Senior High School 2014 Academic Teams:
2014 05 HS Engligh Team  2014 06 HS Science

2014 07 HS Math  2014 08 HS Inter Dis

2014 09 HS Social Studies in State Top Ten   2014 10 HS Fine Arts 6th Going to State

Hamilton Senior High School 2013 Academic News:

Hamilton Fine Arts Team takes 1st Place at the Indiana Academic Super Bowl State Competition held on May 4, 2013 at Purdue University and the Interdisciplinary Team is Runner Up.

  Congratulations, Fine Arts Team members: Hanh Ha, Madison McGrew, Sara Kohli, Autumn Kohli, and Coach Sharon Baker. 

Academic Team News 2013
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Academic Teams News 2012

Hamilton Fine Arts Team takes 1st Place at the Indiana Academic Super Bowl State Competition held on May 5, 2012 at Purdue University and the English Team is Runner Up.

Congratulations to our academic teams for their excellent performance at April 17th night’s competition.  The Fine Arts and English teams have qualified for State Finals on May 5th at Purdue University.  The Science Team did a great job, but just missed state qualification. Their score was sixth highest in the state.  The top five advance in the competition.

    English Team                                              Fine Arts Team
Becca Hantz, Emma Lucas, Melissa Miller                Coach, Sharon Baker,Haley Naus, Alexis
Samee Hill, and Coach, Susan Stackhouse.            DeLancey, and Sara Kohli.

    Interdisciplinary Team                                Math Team
Dylan Burns, Zak Nusbaum, Alexis  DeLancey ,      Amanda Hagerty, Zak Nusbaum, Dylan Burns,
Haley Naus, Melissa Miller, and Becca Hantz.          Mitchell Grime, and Coach, Fred Hicks.
Science Team                                              Social Studies Team
Coach Galen Beachy, Zak Nusbaum, Sanne            Zak Nusbaum, Alexis DeLancey, Melissa Miller and
VanRoessel, Caity Rose, and Mitchell Grime.            Sara Kohli. (not in photo Coach, Adam Weikel).

Academic Teams News 2010

For the sixth consecutive year, Hamilton's English team has qualified to compete for the State Championship title at Purdue University.  Hamilton is the defending state champion in Class 4 and posted the highest qualifying score of all schools, regardless of size.

The Fine Arts team, whose members placed second as State Runner-Up in 2010, narrowly missed qualifying for State after the third tie-break.  The team would have qualified for state competition had they been competing in any other class size.

Hamilton's combined academic bowl teams have once again been ranked in the State's Top 10 list for cumulative scores.

Hamilton's English team members are Kirsten Willibey, Melissa Miller, Becca Hantz, Justin Gilbert and Samee Hill and are coached by Susan Stackhouse.  This year's Fine Arts Team, coached by Sharon Baker, consists of Alexis DeLancey, Darian Haseltine and Sara Kohli.