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K-12 School
Last updated: 09/14/2016
Robin Byler's Profile
Robin Byler's Twitter Page
260-488-2513 ex. 3002
Business Manager
Hello! I am a father and husband to an amazing family. I am a professional school counselor who loves sports - hoops and football. I love technology and am interested in designing apps for learners - students, coaches, counselors, and parents. I love helping others achieve excellence.
Cheri Dove
K-12 School
260-488-2513 ex. 3003
HR, Payroll
Deb Faulkner
K-12 School
260-488-2513 ex. 3006
Food Services Director
Taylor Fry
K-12 School
260-488-2160 ex. 2125
Physical Ed.
Cory Headley
K-12 School
260-488-2101 ex. 1006
Social Worker
Brad Hennessey
K-12 School
260-488-2513 ex. 3008
K-12 School
260-488-2513 ex. 3001
I am an Istructional Assistant of Technology at Hamilton Community Schools. My web page is a great resource for monthly family activities.
Building Principals
K-12 School
Transportation Management
Shawn Ray
K-12 School
260-488-2513 ex. 3005
Corporation Nurse
Kelly Shafer
K-12 School
260-488-2513 ex. 2014
Technology Director
Dr. Nicole L. Singer
K-12 School