Friday, January 19, 2018
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Life's Better Here

Click to watch an interview with some of Hamilton Community School's very own - Superintendent Nicole Singer and Sarge.

Dr. Singer recently spoke with WPTA Channel 21 about the exciting changes at Hamilton Community Schools as one of the reasons Life's Better Here!

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Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1207
After School Program
Site Coordinator for the Steuben County Literacy Coalition's Full Speed Ahead (FSA) after school program for K-6 grade students at Hamilton Community Schools.
Elementary School
Last updated: 09/14/2016
Kimberly Anderson's Profile
Kimberly Anderson's Twitter Page
260-488-2101 ex. 1206
Intervention Teacher
As a fourth grade teacher, I am enjoying the classroom and the technology we are using. I am excited to keep the year going and assigning various activities with the iPads in the classroom.
Mary Dutton
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1208
Fourth Grade
Elementary School
Last updated: 08/18/2017
Heather Elzey's Profile
260-488-2101 ex. 1115
Welcome Kindergarten Parents! I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year. Here is a little bit about me. This is my 11th year of teaching and my 6th year with Hamilton Community School. I am married to Larry Elzey and he works for the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department. We have 4 children, Madison (17), Maurissa (11), McKenna (9), and McCoy (4). I love what I do for a living and I also love to read, boat, and do family activities. I also work for Thirty-One so if you need any bags, totes, or purses let me know. Please e-mail me, call, or send a note if you have any questions throughout the year. I love hearing from parents and knowing that you are a part of your child's education.
Rachel Etzler
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1111
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1112
First Grade
I am one of the first grade teachers. In my classroom we work on reading, math, and phonics. I teach phonics to both of the first grade classes. With the phonics program, we do a wide variety of activities using books, activities, and games. The Waterford computer program is also part of our phonics instruction.
Shelly Getts
Elementary School
Teacher Asst.
Frances Gould
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1110
Intervention Teacher
Deb Headley
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1209
Fifth Grade
Kim Kepler
Elementary School
Media Center
Carol Leitzel
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1210
High Ability Teacher, Technology Teacher
Beth Mahony
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1106
First Grade
Elementary School
Last updated: 08/18/2017
Stephanie Noyes's Profile
260-488-2101 ex. 1001
3rd Grade Teacher
Kristine Oberlin
Elementary School
Teacher Asst.
Greg Piatt
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1000
Minde Raney
Elementary School
Teacher Asst.
Katie Richter
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1110
Special Education
Katie Richter
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1201
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex 1108
Sixth Grade
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1116
Second Grade
I am excited about starting a new school year here at Hamilton Elementary. We will be gradually incorporting the use of our new i-pads into our second grade curriculum!
Michelle Warner
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1204
Third Grade
Kristyn Watkins
Elementary School
260-488-2101 ex. 1114
Instructional Coach
Melissa Wiecinski
Elementary School
Teacher Asst.

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