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Kindergarten Tidbits

         I know I'm a little behind in updating my webpage, ok a lot behind! LOL  I have been very busy setting up some project based learning for our classroom.  We are currently working on growing flowers in the greenhouse, journaling about their progress in our journals, studying the author Eric Carle and his illustrations, we will even get to try our hand at creating some pictures like Eric Carle, and learning about a compost which we will dig into starting next week.  I am very excited about these projects and how we can teach Reading, Writing, and Math by learning with our hands and helping the environment at the same time.
     We have several weeks left to finish these projects and maybe even start some new ones. Let me know if you have any great ideas for us and especially if you would like to pitch in and be a part of our exploring, experimenting, and relection.  We would love your help and expertise.  
     Please help us keep yur children motivated and excited about coming to school and having fun these next few weeks.  We have a lot of great things going on and they are NOT going to want to miss out!  

Letter of the week and Word Bird Words

Letter of the week:  sh blend

this, that,

Don't forget to read and fill out your baseball diamond for your child's free Tin Caps Baseball Ticket.  These are due on May 14th.